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On-Site Services
Your Residence Manager: Each apartment is individually owned, and the owner provides a Resident Manager. This person will meet you on arrival to provide entry and keys, and to be your contact for any questions or services you may require during your stay.

Property Manager:

Office Hours: Atlantic Time

Telephone in Barbados:

Telephone USA: +1(239)243-0688

Office Address:

Office Email:

Other Services
Taxi: May be arranged thru your Residence Manager, or may always be found a short walk (exit property, turn right) in front of Southern Palms Hotel.

Airport Taxi: Arriving passengers may easily find a taxi outside of the Arrivals Hall, but we recommend that you let us arrange one for you in advance. For departure call ahead yourself or thru the office. The fixed rate between Mistle Cove and the International Airport is $Bds for a taxi and $Bds for a van. There is no additional charge for extra passengers.

Booking Information and Assistance
USA: Telephone +1(239)243-0688


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