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Wireless High Speed Internet (WIFI)
Wireless High Speed Internet is available in most rental apartments. The network is restricted, so a security key is required for access. This key is provided in the Guest Arrival documents sent to you before you leave home. It may also be obtained from your Residence Manager after arrival.

The wireless in each apartment has a unique network identifier, known as the SSID. When you search for access with your network-enabled computer, you should see a list of all active wireless networks in the neighborhood. The SSID in your apartment will provide solid connectivity anywhere in your apartment at any hour. The 64-bit WEP security key (ten characters, letters A-F or numbers 0-9, always zero not oh) will connect only to the access point in your apartment. Any number of wireless-enabled devices can be used simultaneously.

Everyone in the property shares the same network, so we ask only that you be a good and considerate neighbor. Network usage is managed and monitored, and bad neighbors will be disconnected. Should you have any internet resource requirements beyond that of a casual holiday user, there is a well-equipped internet cafe directly across the street from the main gate.